Kids Arena Horse Play Game
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Kids Arena Horse Play Game  

To order visit    **Not assoicated with River City Supply but we wanted you to have access to his website because the educational material Oliver Hill developed is really cool.



High Country Horse, LLC delivers tried and true animal packing and outfitting information. The knowledge in the field manual, the other 4 books have been developed over years of experience in the backcountry.


This website contains educational resource material to help outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the backcountry with their horses, mules, burros and lamas.


Products available from High Country Horse, LLC


  1. Packing and Outfitting Field Manual 5th Edition
  2. DIY Guide to Build a Set of Rawhide Panniers
  3. DIY Plans to Build a Mini-Pack Horse
  4. DIY Guide to Improvements, Repairs and Complete Rigging of Crossbuck and Decker Pack Saddles
  5. NEW -- DIY Plans to Build a Deluxe Portable Camp Table
  6. NEW -- Kid's Arena Horse Play a fun, educational game
  7. Horse Packing Schools - Call to make arrangements to sponsor a school
  8. Certified Weed Free Mountain Grass Hay - Call for details

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Kids Arena Horse Play Game

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