Seed Paper Wristband
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Seed Paper Wristband

Wearable and plantable messaging that’s perfect for awareness campaigns, VIP access, fundraisers, event tickets and more. Available with your four-color, custom artwork. Easy to put on with our peel and stick adhesive for a secure one-time use. After your event, participants will have the gift of a garden to grow at home. Size/imprint area: 0.75x8.5". Wild flower seeds


Pick one of the following:

SPWB-EDEW-A    Earth Day

SPWB-EDEW-B    I Love Earth Day

SPWB-EDEW-C    Celebrate Earth day

SPWB-EDEW-D    Mother Earth

  • Item #: 139-SPWB-EDEW-

Seed Paper Wristband

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